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Q19 Waterproof Paint

For Decorating Damp Walls and Problem Areas

Product Function

New Q19 is a two pack epoxy resin paint which has been dispersed in water. The 'new' formulation is even easier and more economic to use. When fully cured, it provides a tough, colourful, tile like and impervious eggshell finish.
Remember - Q19 Clear penetrates so well that when cured, it becomes an integral part of the structure.

Main uses

The Three main Q19 Systems

  1. One Coat - Alkali barrier and Stabiliser. A single coat of clear used on concrete, plaster, cement, asbestos / cement, brick or stonework will provide an alkali barrier, prevent bleeding or staining and generally stabilize the surface prior to painting with conventional paints.
  2. Two Coat - Damp - Proof Membrane. Two coats of Q19 will produce a protective membrane. If Q19 is NOT required for its decorative finish, then a 2 coat system is usually adequate as a damp-proof membrane on a smooth surface or as a sealer on a solvent sensitive surface i.e. one coat Q19 Clear, plus one coat Q19 Colour applied 90° to each other. After 7 - 10 days, wallpaper, tiles and other decorative paints may be applied.
  3. Three Coat - For Full Protection and Decoration. Maximum properties are obtained with a three coat system. Ie. one coat of Q19 Clear followed by one coat of Q19 Colour, with a final coat of Q19 Colour. This ensures that on most surfaces, the Q19 paint film is complete, unbroken and of tile-like appearance and durability. On sound, dry, well sealed surfaces, the initial coat of Clear may not be needed.


Q19 Should only be applied to sound, clean, grease-free surfaces. Holes and cracks should be repaired before painting. Existing paintwork should be very sound and any gloss removed to provide a key. Q19 must not be applied where there is a risk of running water, condensation or temperatures below 5°C. Use electric warm air blowers if necessary and ensure good ventilation.


Q19 is a two-component product. Base and hardener are supplied in matched quantities and must be thoroughly mixed together before use. Mixed material has a pot life and must be used immediately.


Brush, short pile lambswool roller or spray. For spray application, Mix base and hardener very thoroughly adding 5-10% cold water to reduce viscosity before loading paint. Airspray at 60psi with a 206 tip. Airless spray at 1800psi with Varitip 20-25 thou. Wash equipment with cold water every hour to prevent build up of materials. Allow six to twelve hours between coats. Note Health and Safety advice when spraying.


Q19 Eggshell will be touch dry in about 5 hours at 15°C and will be fully cured in 7 - 10 days. These drying times will vary according to temperature air flow.


Clear Sealer


For smooth surfaces of average porosity ie. on part sealed plaster and emulsion


On new unsealed plaster


On render and textured surfaces

3 to 5



Over a Q19 / Emulsion sealed surface (Brush / Roller)

8 to 9



Available in Clear and Eggshell finish, some colours available in Gloss Finish.

Minimum Cure Temperature

5°C under low humidity. 8°C under normal humidity.

Touch Dry

5 hours at 15°C. 12 hours at 8°C


6 to 12 hours according to temperature.

Pot Life

2.5 hours at 7 to 10°C, 1.5 hours at 15 - 20°C

Storage Life

Unopened Q19 has a storage life of fifteen months from delivery when stored below 15°C


Magnolia, Cream, Grey, Light Blue, White and Black Other colours sometimes available, please enquire.

Health and Safety

Barrier creams and rubber gloves should be worn when using Q19. Wear goggles to protect eyes from splashes. Ensure good ventilation during application. Do not breathe the mist when spraying, use respiratory equipment to B.S. 4275. For more detailed information, please see our Health and Safety Datasheet.

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Product Reference No : Q19 1-6 Amendment date August 2002

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The claims made in this document are made in good faith and are based on exhaustive tests carried out over a long period.
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