*3M Scotchkote EA9 HB Epoxy Coating

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This product is now discontinued. Formerly Copom EA9 High Build.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact us for an alternative.

EA9 HB Epoxy Coating is Section 12 and RT98 approved coating, providing long term corrosion protection of ferrous substrates.

Scotchkote EA9 HB Epoxy Coating is available in black or white, two component, solvent based, high build, Epoxy product, specially designed to protect steel surfaces from the potential of corrosion.

Best Uses

Scotchkote EA9 HB Epoxy Coating should be used as the foundation of a multi-coat system to provide the first layer of protection before being overcoated with you choice of Scotchkote Epoxy Finish. EA9HB is a top of the range coating, regularly used throughout the rail industry and for heavy engineering work, and is constantly being recommended and praised due to it's long-term anti-corrosive nature.


Scotchkote EA9 HB Epoxy Coating is ideally suited to spray application, whether than be airless or conventional, to ensure a smooth, stroke free surface, however a brush or roller may be used to touch up any marks that may have been missed. This fantastic product combines fast drying times with excellent coverage rates, being dry to touch after 2 hours with theoretical coverage of 7.5m2 per litre.

Surface and Environment

Scotchkote EA9 HB Epoxy Coating is ideal for use in heavy duty environments exposed to chemicals, weather, abrasion and impact and works well to protect the substrates against all of these things, whilst keeping it's original state. This multi-purpose product provides excellent adhesion when applied to primed and prepared substrates, and is ideal for use on ferrous substrates, primarily steel, on an internal or external basis.