*3M Scotchkote Elastomer 60EG 533

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This product is now discontinued. Formerly Thortex Flexi-Tech 60 EG.

Product Description

Due to the closure of 3M Northallerton, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Scotchkote Elastomer 60EG 533, formerly Thortex Flexi-Tech 60 EG and Thistlebond TR305 60 Durometer Paste, is a repair product that offers flexibility with similar properties to that of factory produced rubbers. This innovative product is made up of rubber like components that can be used to rebuild or resurface almost any rubber component.

Best Uses

Scotchkote Elastomer 60 EG 533 is part or Promains fantastic range of Flexible Repair products that works excellently well at providing resistance to industrial chemicals. With outstanding versatility, this great product can be used on almost any surface, offering superior tensile and tear strength in comparison to other conventional repair products.


Scotchkote Elastomer 60 EG 533 can be applied using a trowel or spatula for thicknesses up to 6mm, with an initial set time of 3 hours that can be used effectively after 16 hours, depending on the substrate.

Surface and Environment

Scotchkote Elastomer 60 EG 533 can be used as a repair system on almost any surface and works excellently well in industrial environments for providing strength and flexibility. 60 EG 533 is ideal for use on conveyor belts, rubber rollers, off road tyres and rubber hoses to name a few. Please see the technical data sheet for more practical uses involving this product.