*3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF

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This product is now discontinued. Formerly Copon Hycote 165XF.

Product Description

Due to the closure of 3M Northallerton, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF Formerly Copon Hycote 165XF has been specifically developed as a 100% high solids product that works to protect pipelines internally with a degree of flexibility that moves with the substrate without flaking or cracking, and rapid curing properties that work to reduce downtime.

Best Uses

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF is a high performance product that offers outstanding abrasion resistance as well as long-term protection against corrosion damage., ideal for lining the inside of tanks, vessels and steel structures.


3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF is intended for application using heated plural feed airless spray, as is highly recommended for professional use for those in charge of maintenance to pipelines. 3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF saves time and money due to its quick drying properties and is dry to touch after just 15 minutes with a theoretical coverage rate of 1m2 per litre.

Surface and Environment

3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating 165XF is primarily designed for use on steel applications but can be used on concrete surfaces too when combined with Scotchkote 165CS.