*3M Urethane Elastomer 60 RG 537 Kit

This product is now discontinued. Formerly Thortex Flexi-Tech 60 RG.
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Product Description

Due to the closure of 3M Northallerton, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team on 01462 421333 for a suitable alternative.

3M Urethane Elastomer 60 RG 537 Kit is a fast curing elastomeric repair system with a high degree of flexibility for rebuilding and resurfacing rubber components.

Best Uses

Urethane Elastomer 60 RG Catalyst is ideal for those small maintenance jobs that are troublesome but can often cost money to repair, this product provides a cost effective way of dealing with those problems without replacing the appliance or spending loads on costly repair products.


Remove any oil, grease, loosely adhering material or degraded rubber. Abrade the surface to provide a rough key. Scotchkote Urethane Elastomer 60 RG 537 is easy to apply using manual application or a putty knife and is ideal for use with rubber repair materials. Allow to cure and inspect.

Surface and Environment

Urethane Elastomer 60 RG 537 can be used on most rubber surfaces, internally or externally.

If you have any questions please give our technical team a call so we can find the right product for your application.  We will happily tell you if this product is right for you, or offer you an alternative product that might be more suited to your requirements.

Technical Details
  • Formerly thortex flexi tech primer catalyst.
  • For rubber repair materials.
  • Available in 10 x 125gms and 4 x 600gms.