Acrypol 2 Pack Metal Etch Primer

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For use on galvanised gutters and forms a base for the application of Acrypol Plus.
Available in 10 Litres in Beige
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Product Description

Acrypol Metal Primer assists in the preparation of non-ferrous substrates for the application of Acrypol Plus. Acrypol Metal Primer is a two pack etch metal primer, which is designed to provide an effective role in the repair of gutters.

Best Uses

Acrypol Metal Primer provides a beige, matt finish undercoat to roof and gutter systems in need of renovating. Once cleaned and coated with Acrypol Metal Primer, surfaces will be ready for a decorative finish with Acrypol +. Although Acroypol + can be used without a primer, this product provides the benefit of providing an effective adhesive base.


Acrypol Metal Primer should be applied to surfaces that are clean, dry and free from contamination. This Acrypol Primer can be applied to the surface using a brush, roller or airless spray. It achieves a theoretical coverage rate of 26 square metres per litre and is available in 10 litre containers.

Surface and Environment

Acrypol Metal Primer should be used on external surfaces as a pre-treatment for unpainted, non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, cadmium, zinc and nickel. It can also be used for priming galvanised steel surfaces.

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