*Rustoleum Supergrip Adhesion Mastic

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for an alternative.

Rustoleum Adhesive Mastic is a high performance Glue that can be glued to any dry surface using this gap filling adhesive and works extremely well to provide surfaces with long lasting adhesive quality that will not break down over time. (Skeleton gun not included).

Best Uses

Rustoleum Adhesive Mastic can be used to glue down Anti Slip Step Covers and other Anti Slip GRP products found in our Anti Slip GRP range and is designed specifically for the purpose of doing this.


Rustoleum Adhesive Mastic is available in a 310ml size and this size will fit approximately 12 linear metres of Anti Slip Step covers for a low cost. Anglo Adhesive Mastic fits a standard cartridge mastic gun for quick and easy application.

Surface and Environment

Rustoleum Adhesive Mastic can be applied to most dry, clean surfaces internally or externally and is designed for to provide long lasting protection in various conditions. Once dry this adhesive product will withstand spills, impact and weathering as it holds Anti Slip GRP products in place.

Technical Details
  • Rustoleum Adhesive Mastic (Skeleton gun not included)  
  • Fits approx. 12 linear metres of Anti Slip Step Covers
  • Rustoleum GRP can be glued to dry surfaces using this gap filling adhesive.
  • Fits a standard cartridge mastic gun.
  • Size available: 310ml cartridge will fit approx. 12 linear metres of Anti Slip Step Covers