*PPG Amercoat 4374 Formerly Steelguard 3373R

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This product is now discontinued. Highways Agency approved Item 121.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please see PPG Sigma EP 112 Miocoat as an alternative.

PPG Amercoat 4374 is a two pack extended cure epoxy and provides a protective adhesion coat to structural steel.

PPG Amercoat 4374 (formerly Steelguard 3373R) is a superior two pack extended cure epoxy MIO (micaceous iron oxide) coating. It is for use as an intermediate coating for structural steel, a primer for use over T-Washed galvanised steel which has been T-Washed (Etch Primer) and as a sealer for aluminium metal-sprayed steel. PPG Amercoat 4374 in Highways Agency specifications.

Best Uses

PPG Amercoat 4374 is suitable for use on highway infrastructure such as street furniture, bridge bearings, CCTV masts and lighting columns, across a range of environmental conditions.


Equipment should be cleaned with the recommended cleaning solvent, before use. PPG Amercoat 4374 should be applied by airless paint spray, however smaller areas of metal, which require more accuracy, should be applied with a paint brush or paint roller. PPG Amercoat 4374 will be touch dry in 2-8 hours, depending on the external temperature.

Surface and Environment

PPG Amercoat 4374 has been designed to offer superior adhesion to prepared galvanised steel. It has excellent barrier properties and is suitable for use in most environments.