*PPG Amercoat Nu-Klad 826

UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product has been discontinued. Please call our technical team to discuss an alternative.

Amercoat Nu-Klad 826 is a protective and decorative coating for medium duty industrial floors and is available in a selection of colours.

Amercoat Nu-Klad 826 is a single pack urethane alkyd floor paint, designed for use on dry concrete, stone, brick, metal or wooden floors. However, this heavy duty floor paint is suitable for the protection and decoration of most industrial floors. Available in a small range of different colours, Amercoat 826 offers you an excellent slip resistant surface.

Best Uses

PPG Nu-Klad 826 is best used for application on workshop and industrial floors. Where floor protection and health and safety is always a priority, this heavy duty floor paint is long lasting and ultra resistant to everyday use. Amercoat Nu-Klad is compatible with most existing floor paints so when it comes to recoating your surface, there should be no problem what-so-ever.


Amercoat Nu-Klad 826 should be applied using brush or roller, but can also be applied using airless spray systems or conventional spray systems. Please relate to the product data sheet when it comes to the specifications of application. When applying using a roller, make sure you apply the paint evenly without rolling it out too far. For trickier areas, you will need to use a brush that is clean and well loaded.

Surface and Environment

Floor coating for light to medium duty industrial floors. Suitable for use on dry concrete, stone, brick, metal or wooden floors. Typical applications include: factories, garages, warehouses, showrooms.

Technical Details
  • Theoretical coverage 11.8 m2 per litre (at typical dft)
  • Application by roller and spray
  • Single pack urethane alkyd floor paint
  • Heavy duty paint for industrial floors
  • Suitable for dry concrete, stone, brick, metal and wooden floors
  • Protective and decorative finish
  • Available in 5 Litres

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