About Anti Slip GRP

Anti Slip Ramps, Anti Slip Step Covers and Anti Slip Adhesives

Promain are the UK's leading supplier of anti slip GRP stair tread covers, decking strips and flat sheeting that allow you to sleep comfortably in the knowledge that any slippy surfaces in your workplace have been made safer. By using anti slip GRP products on a commercial basis you can dramatically reduce the chances of any slips or falls occurring in the workplace. Health and safety is a very important practice in the workplace and you need to make sure that your employees are working in a safe environment. Our range of anti-slip GRP products, including anti-slip ramps, provide a great solution for any risk areas and poor quality surfaces as well as being suitable for both indoor or outdoor use for either industrial and commercial areas or domestic properties. Anti Slip Ramps are ideal for gaining access to and allowing exit from industrial workplaces and areas which can be prone to getting slippery.

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Promain make it our business to ensure that we have a great range of anti slip GRP products available for you to choose from to ensure a safe, anti slip surface. Our range of anti slip GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) comes in a range of products such as step edges, stair treads, step covers and decking strips which are quite often an essential health and safety requirement in areas such as schools and care homes to ensure that the risk of falling on a slippy surface is greatly reduced. We supply a complete range of non slip edges, strips, tapes, flat sheets and treads that are perfect for use on stairs, walkways, ramps, steps and decks which are suitable for industrial and commercial premises, waterside areas, barefoot areas and specialist uses such as access ramps for wheelchairs.

If you are looking for Anti Slip GRP products then make sure that you choose Promain as we make sure that we supply our customers with only the very best products to ensure a safe environment that reduces the risk of slips or falls. 

We supply a complete range of Non Slip Edges, Strips, Tapes, Flat Sheets and Treads for stairs, walkways, ramps, steps and decks ideal for:

  • industrial and commercial premises such as shops, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, factories, warehouses.
  • water side areas such as marinas, quaysides, pontoons, decks.
  • bare foot areas such as gymasiums, swimming pools, showers, changing rooms.
  • specialist uses such as access ramps for wheelchairs.