Classidur Aquaclassic Aquaclass Paint

Classidur Aquaclassic Aquaclass Paint

SKU id3452 Non Hazardous
An odour-free, waterbased renovation paint for interior surfaces and has excellent stain blocking properties
Available in White in 5 and 10 Litres
£53.27 (£63.92 Inc VAT)
£53.27 (£63.92 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Classidur Aquaclassic an odour-free waterbased, stain blocking paint for new or renovated ceilings and walls.

Classidur Aquaclassic (Aquaclass) is designed for interior use.It is ideal for renovation projects, where the need for a stain blocking paint is paramount. Classidur Aquaclassic provides a matt finish, non-yellowing properties and is a fast drying product which is easy to apply.

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Best Uses

Classidur Aquaclassic provides excellent stain blocking capabilities, with the ability to cover soot, nicotine, tannins, dried water marks and graffiti, etc. Due to its odour free nature, it is ideal for use on interior applications.


Classidur Aquaclassic can be applied using a brush, roller or airless spray. It is a waterbased paint with a fast drying time of 1-3 hours and can be re-coated after 4 hours. When dry, Classidur Aquaclassic has a totally white, matt finish.

Surface and Environment

Classidur Aquaclassic is an odour-free, waterbased paint for use on walls, ceilings and suitable flooring. It is for interior use and will block ugly stains and marks, including those caused by moisturous and damp conditions or, in some cases, fire damage. Classidur Aquaclassic can be used on concrete, wood and plastered walls.

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