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How To Apply Tennis Court Paint

How To Apply Tennis Court Paint

We were recently contacted by a conscientious contractor who required advice on the most suitable product to repaint an extremely meticulous client’s tennis court. The product recommended via the technical department at Promain was the Centrecourt Tennis Court Paint available in a range of popular shades. The Client The client,…

Lime Masonry

How To Paint Lime Render

This article is part of our series of How To Paint Exterior Renders, including sand and cement render, lime render, and pebble dash. An Introduction To Lime Render Lime renders are one of the most traditional type of renders and you can find them on heritage and period buildings. However,…

Masonry Paint

Why Use Masonry Paint?

For the quickest way to give curb appeal to your property, painting the exterior brickwork or render of your building will not only give your building a fresh look but depending on the product used, exterior masonry paint can be waterproofing, breathable or flexible with the added benefit of UV…