WoodGuard Color: Haddon Hall, Bristol

WoodGuard Color Professional is a next generation product formulated to protect and decorate wood and has been applied to Haddon Hall in Bristol.

Woodguard Pro at Haddon Hall

Because of its resistance to water, dirt and stains, it tackles the main causes of deterioration in wood.
In addition to its highly effective protection properties, WoodGuard Colour Professional enhances the colour of the wood.

The exceptional resistance of WoodGuard Color Professional to weathering and UV rays makes it an ideal product for both outdoor and indoor use.

Guard Industrie Woodguard Pro Coloured Woodstain
Guard Industrie Woodguard Pro Coloured Woodstain

A new aesthetic dimension to your projects :
The WoodGuard Color range is available in 17 standard ready to use colours. The final shade depends on the wood’s initial colour. In its laboratory, Guard Industrie can produce customised colours from the 1,950 shades in the NCS colour chart.

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