Finnish Customer Very Happy With Riverboat Aftermath

There was a Finnish client for Owatrol who’s name was Jukka Kylmala, and he has actually given some amazing pictures he shot of his most recent project he has finished by using one of our products which we call Deks Olje D1 saturating wood oil, along with Deks Olje D2 high gloss varnish and actually we made these to be used when dealing with marine woodcare applications. This guys fishing river boat needed work done and he chose Owatrol to protect his boat further instead of using the popular concoction which is Tar, rot protectant agent, and linseed oil. With our product, he knew that his project would last a lot longer with Deks Olje instead of the popular concoction people in his town make up.

The first step Jukka takes is using Deks Olje D1 Wet-on-wet which is basically applied in layers while still wet until the wood does not soak in anymore. This is the biggest step in protecting his project because it goes depend inside the wood to protect not just lay on top. This basically drives into the wood and will place oils on the side that have long since been lost and takes the moisture away along with air that is hanging around which fills the pores with the oil. Doing all of this actually, makes the wood stronger and will give it a longer protection above and below where the water will hit. You will not see any kind of films on the wood but you will be able to tell it has definitely been protected from the inside and you will not see any type of cracks or peels while using this product.

After all this Jukka put quite a few coats of Olje D2 which is a tough glossy varnish we created which will make your wood very sturdy and able to withstand a lot and also very flexible. If you apply 6 layers you will get the best results along with nothing peeling because water will not be able to make its way through the woods interior. Jukka was very excited and happy with how this project turned out with his boat and so was his friends. Jukka took his boat out to Tornio River. Many people asked him different questions regarding his boat. This included what he had used to spruce his boat up so nicely. We have not received one more ecstatic customer for our Owatrol brand.

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