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Paint Window Frame

If you are looking to move your business forward into the professional coating of windows look no further. With the growing popularity in popular shades such as anthracite grey and black, professional painting contractors are now more than ever being requested to quote to paint window frames.

2020 has been hard on most sectors. Flexibility and a willingness to expand your businesses client base is key. Below we will introduce FrameWrap UK and how they kept above the curve.

We will also discuss the best paint for window frames, including the best way to paint window frames and more.

Case Study: Framewrap UK

Grosvenor St Albans Paint Window Frame

Photos courtesy of

FrameWrap UK are industrial contractors specialising in spray painting and the vinyl and film wrapping of commercial properties using architectural vinyls. They have a history of working with large commercial ventures such as Aldi, Premier Inn, Crowne Plaza, Williams F1. FrameWrap are innovators in painting old window frames during residency as well as after dilapidation renewal.

Recently, they were contracted to revitalise an industrial office space in St Albans, just around the corner of Promain’s head office in Hitchin.

Contractor: FrameWrap UK
Location: 45 Grosvenor
St. Albans
Substrate: uPVC window frames
Coating Used: Selemix Direct PU Topcoat
Colour & Finish: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey in 30% Gloss (Satin)

With previous experience applying industrial coatings commercially, FrameWrap were open to newer and simpler paint technologies. After contacting Mark in Promain’s technical team, Charlie at FrameWrap was looking to find a simpler to apply, more cost effective solution to spray paint window frames and flat panels than the company had previously used.

After a discussion with Mark, we found they had previously used Kolorbond’s K2 coating. However, Kolorbond K2 requires more preparation before application can commence. For application on to uPVC, Kolorbond K2 requires application of a solution to allow the pores of the plastic to open up. On larger projects this all adds up to expense in man hours, scaffolding and time the commercial property needs to  be available.

Promain’s Window Frame Paint Advice

Promain suggested the use of Selemix Direct PU Topcoat. Selemix Direct PU Topcoat benefits from not requiring a primer. This means that Charlie and the team could make the most of both theirs and their clients time in a more cost effective manner.

Paint Window Frame
Before Painting

The Grosvenor building originally had brown and light grey accents. The client specified the modern shade of RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey for the new coating.

Selemix Direct can be mixed to any RAL or BS shade and is also available in a various gloss levels. 30% gloss (the equivalent to satin) was chosen due to it’s soft sheen aesthetic and ability to not retain as much dirt as matt coatings.


Before application of the coating, firstly clean the window casement with Centrecoat R09 Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner. This is to remove any surface contamination such as traffic film, dirt etc. Afterwards, abrade the surface thoroughly with a Scotchbrite pad or equivalent. Perform a further cleaning with the Centrecoat R09 to remove any dust.

Introducing Selemix Direct PU Topcoat

Under the head of PPG, the Selemix brand are primarily known for their automotive coatings. As you can expect, vehicle coatings have to withstand the effects of UV damage, weathering and salts 24/7. Benefiting from this incredible durability, Selemix Direct also provides excellent adhesive properties. It can even be applied to glass and other difficult substrates. Because of these qualities, Selemix Direct is an ideal solution for the professional renewal of industrial and commercial properties.

Selemix Direct is a highly professional, durable system that is built to last. Application via spray provides a smooth professional finish.

As Selemix has its origins in the automotive industry, this two pack coating is sold with the base and activator separately. The above system used by FrameWrap UK consists of:

Spray paint window frame
Left: Applying The Mask   |   Right: After Application
upvc window frame paint
The Completed Project

Before being introduced to Selemix coatings, the cost to paint window frames such as the above would be from £10k upwards. This would be for just the paint materials alone. Contractors such as FrameWrap are now singing the praises of Selemix, bring down the window frame painting cost substantially.

Are you or your business is also looking to advance into uPVC decorative coatings? Or are you looking into reducing window frame spraying costs? Contact our technical team today for more information regarding refinishing old window frames.


The Problems With Painting Plastic Window Frames

Typically, uPVC is a difficult product to paint. This is because uPVC is plastic. It can take up to a year for weathering to completely remove the solvents used in the manufacturing process. Because of this, if you paint plastic before this process has completed, the paint will more than likely fail and be a costly, unattractive mistake. The solvents within the plastic will try to escape. Inevitably, the product will suffer from solvent entrapment. Bubbles appear and eventually they will burst. Then the paint will peel off in sheets…not an ideal situation!

It is important to bear this in mind when a potential client contacts you. Especially when it comes to industrial commercial properties, being liable to come back an rectify a poor job is expensive, shoddy and unprofessional.


Giving Your Business The Edge On Professional uPVC Window Frame Coatings

Residential customers are also looking for cheaper and more eco-friendly alternatives to replacing old window frames. At anywhere between £200 to £900 per window, replacements are simply not viable for some end users. As technology advances, coatings that were beyond the reach of the general public are now cost effective solutions. Now it is possible for anyone to upgrading the aesthetics of their property in a professional way.

In recent years, anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and black (RAL 9005) have become fashionable options for window frames and conservatory renewal. Adding kerb appeal, having the professionals in can really make your property stand out versus your neighbours.

Below are some examples of how uPVC window frame paint can make the difference no matter your property style:

FrameWrap UK Residential uPVC Paint
Images Courtesy of FrameWrap UK

If you are looking into painting exterior window frames black or even painting window frames white contact our technical team today for advice.

Interested In Finding Out More About How To Paint A Window Frame?

Want to find out more about how to paint metal window frames rather than uPVC? Contact our technical team today.

We also have a blog suitable for domestic users looking at DIY painting uPVC frames here:
How To Paint uPVC Windows and Doors

Alternatively, call our technical team for advice on 01462 421333. They can provide professional advice on commercial projects no matter the size.


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