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Gutter Repair Paint

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At Promain UK Limited we supply you with a range of specialist gutter repair paints for repairing box, valley and plastic guttering. Ranging from waterproof paints to UV protective paints, Promain offer you industry leading products from Rustoleum, FLAG, Bedec and Centrecoat.  By using a layer of products such as Fillcoat or Roofix 20/10 followed by embedding fibreglass or Acrypol Scrim into the wet coating and a final coat to encapsulate the fibreglass fleece or scrim it will produce a liner that will bridge the joints, preventing leaking for up to 10 years. Not only are our paints used for protection, we also offer you a range of different colours suitable for the redecoration of guttering and various other surfaces. 


We supply you with range of gutter repair paints that offer instant repair and a rubber lining to your concrete and plastic guttering. By applying one coat of Rustoleum Fillcoat, you will immediately see the ultimate protection, in the prevention of cracks and leaks. When dry it forms a single, seamless rubbery layer without joints or seams, offering long term protection against standing water. Heat, rain, snow or ice are ineffective against Fillcoat, and the application and performance remains excellent 365 days a year. This product is also available with added fibres which allows bigger cracks and gaps to be covered without the use of guttering fleece. 

Promain offers you assistance in all your gutter repair paint problems and any other enquiries you may have about our products. Simply pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions and our team of professionals will be happy to help you with any problems you might come across. 

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