Centrecoat Black Tape Roll PTDT50B, 50mm x 33m

SKU id3494 Non Hazardous
A high quality polycoated cloth gaffer duct tape with reinforced backing.
Available in 2 Inch x 33m Rolls
£5.67 (£6.80 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat Black Tape 33m Roll is a high quality polycoated cloth with reinforced backing. Available for professional and household users for general use.

Centrecoat Black Tape roll is 33 metres long and 50mm wide and is made out of high quality polycoated cloth, with vinyl reinforced backing. Centrecoat Black Tape is part of our tools and accessories range used in thousands of industrial applications, for fixing, holding and distinguishing different areas.

Best Uses

Centrecoat Black Tape is best used to provide businesses and household users with a strong, adhering tape that lasts endlessly. Centrecoat Black Tape is an essential tool for any DIY kit where sometimes glues and screws can unfortunately not be used.


Centrecoat Black Tape can be applied easily, with easy unwind qualities and simple tear system in place, you really get your value for money when purchasing this ultra roll of Centrecoat Black Tape.

Surface and Environment

Centrecoat Black Tape can be used inside and out and once stuck to the surface, it offers excellent long term water resistance and resistance to outdoor exposures in general.