Centrecoat R10 Paint Stripper

SKU id12960 Non Hazardous
An easy to use waterbased paint stripper for a wide range of substrates for general use.
Available in 1 and 5 Litres
£20.98 (£25.18 Inc VAT)
£20.98 (£25.18 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat R10 Paint Stripper is an easy to use water based paint stripper for a wide range of substrates for general use.

Best Uses

Centrecoat R10 Paint Stripper is best suited for removing paint, varnish, graffiti, powder coating, Artex, stains and lacquer from a number of substrates including wood, timber, brick, stone, fibreglass and more. This product does not include restricted chemicals such as N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) and Dichloro-methane (DCM). R10 has a high level of penetration enabling it to go deep into thick coatings and work from the substrate up. Gel consistency suitable for floors, walls and ceilings.


Ensure the area is fully dry. Protect all areas and items not to be stripped. Use direct from the container. Shake well prior to use. Layer onto the surface with a brush, airless spray or roller. Do not dilute. Apply a generous even coat. Scrape off all residue after the designated time, leaving the surfaces as clean as possible. Clean surface thoroughly with clean water and reapply as necessary. Multi layers benefit from a second coat. If leaving overnight, the treated area can be covered with plastic sheeting to help the stripping process.