Classidur Satin 50, 10 Litres

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A satin finish paint which is suitable for use on interior ceilings and walls.
Available in White, 10 Litres
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Product Description

This product is available by special order only.

Classidur Satin 50 is a satin finish paint which is suitable for use on interior ceilings and walls.

Classidur Satin 50 is a satin finish interior paint which is ideal for walls and ceilings. Belonging to the high quality Classidur range, it provides the technical superiority for interior renovation work, particularly in traditional buildings and those of grand design but also with 'new' projects. As part of a dependable range, Classidur Satin 50 offers an economic solution for projects with specialist requirements.

Best Uses

Classidur Satin 50 can be used on new projects and excels in providing the solution for dealing with the interior walls and ceilings in traditional and historical buildings. All Classidur paints offer optimum stain block properties with the total security of no risk of flaking. Satin 50 is also recommended for schools, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, industrial and administrative areas where walls are washed down regularly.


Classidur Satin 50 and can be applied straight onto coherent surface using a brush, medium length pile synthetic roller or airless spray. Classidur Satin 50 has a simple application process and no washing down or specific preparation is required, although being sound, dry and free of mould is recommended.

Surface and Environment

Apply Classidur Satin 50 directly to plaster, mortar, concrete, chalking materials, distemper, whitewash and surfaces stained with nicotine, soot, fire and smoke damage or water. Satin 50 provides an excellent solution for dealing with issues when renovating public houses and interiors with nicotine staining. As the Classidur range is almost odour free, painted areas can be used within hours - which is particularly good in public buildings, schools, pubs, restaurants and hotels.

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