Sika SikaCem 810

SKU id21544 Non Hazardous
A one component modified SBR polymer,blended with plasticisers and selected fillers.
Available in 25 Litres in Light Grey
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Product Description

Sika SikaCem 810 is a one component modified SBR polymer,blended with plasticisers and selected fillers. When diluted it produces a gauging solution for improving cementitious mixes.

Best Uses

Sika SikaCem 810 when added to water in the correct ratio, then mixed with Cement and Sand / Aggregate to is used to produce bond coat / slurry, renders and floor screeds.

  • Improved Workability
  • Improved Mechanical Properties, such as Abrasion and Impact
  • Improved Resistance to Freeze / Thaw Cycles
  • Reduced Shrinkage and Cracking
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Chloride Free
  • Enhanced properties over unmodified SBR and Acrylic Resins


Recommended Dosage:

Mixing Ratio By Volume Mixing Ratio By Volume
Application SikaCem 810 : Water Cement : Sand : Aggregrate Thickness Layer Range (mm)
Bond Coat / Slurry 1 : 1 1 : 1 : 0
Normal Duty Floor Screed / Floor Repair Mortar 1 : 3 - 1 : 4 1 : 3 : 0 12 - 25mm
Render 1 : 2 - 1 : 4 1 : 4 : 0 10 - 20mm

Depending on the application, the substrate should be sound and free of all traces of contaminants, loose and friable particles, cement laitance, oils and grease etc.
For structurally bonded situations, the substrate must be structurally adequate.

Substrate Preparation
The substrate should be prepared by suitable mechanical preparation techniques such as water jetting, needle guns, blast cleaning, scabblers etc. and properly pre-wetted to a saturated surface dry condition.

SikaCem® 810 must be mechanically mixed using a forced action mixer or in a clean drum using a drill and paddle (max. 500 rpm). A normal concrete free fall mixer is NOT suitable. Mix SikaCem® 810 with clean water to produce a gauging solution in the correct ratio for 90 seconds. Add gauging solution to cement / aggregate mix until desired consistency is achieved.

The prepared substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated leaving no standing water. Always apply mix ‘wet on wet’ to bonding bridge / coat. Re-apply if surface dries.