*Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads provide the ultimate stair safety and are among our fantastic range of anti slip GRP products. EdgeGrip Glow is constructed using photoluminescent resins which omit a photoluminescent glow in the dark or when lights are dimmed.  

Best Uses

Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads come into action when the lights go out and are powered when the lights are up and running. These Stair Treads glow in the dark in the event of power failure or where the light source is interrupted. For example, if there is smoke obstruction, you will be able to see the staircase efficiently in an emergency situation. During normal daylight and where there is internal light present the stair treads still omit a normal contrasting coloured nosing. 


Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads are produced in exactly the same way as standard EdgeGrip profiles apart from the addition of the photoluminescent resin which allows for the glow in the dark property. Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads are available with the less coarse internal grit finish and can be applied by gluing and screwing the treads onto the stairs.    

Surface and Environment

Coo-Var Glow in the Dark Stair Treads can be used internally and externally but are better suited to internal environments on stairways and steps where sometimes there can be safety issues due to poor lighting.