*Centrecoat Customisable DigiPrint

This product is now discontinued.
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Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team if you need advice.

Technical Details
  • Centrecoat DigiPrint.
  • Due to the innovative way in which DigiPrint is manufactured, it can be produced in a wide selection of colours and designs.
  • White or yellow lines and symbols, right through to more detailed designs such as company logos.
  • This means that the time required to apply standard markings and more complex symbols to a road can be drastically reduced. 
  • Self adhesive.
  • Used for external or internal applications.
  • Very fast installation reducing costly closures.
  • Fast, clean removal process requiring no hydroblasting or other machinery and causing no damage to the road surface.
  • No drying/curing time and can be trafficked immediately, further reducing costly closures.
  • Wide range of designs and colours available.
  • Flexible and workable even at low temperatures.
  • Installed by hand, without costly/environmentally unfriendly machinery.
  • Preformed design helps ensure markings are laid as intended with no wastage.
  • Safer and greener installation without heat/gas torches.
  • Environmentally friendly material using waterborne paint and natural bitumen.
  • Here are a small number of examples of the extensive range of colours and designs we can produce.