*Bradite Bitumen Coat / Finish BB58

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Bradite Bitumen Coat/Finish is a solvent thinned high build bitumen coating and finish paint, for walls, structural steel, galvanised substrates, concrete and brick.

Best Uses

Bradite Bitumen Coat/Finish BB58 is best used as a fast drying application to a variety of substrates for providing excellent water resistance. It can be used on all suitably primed ferrous & non-ferrous metals, concrete, brick, asphalt and felt roofing which are dry, free of contamination and dust. Compatibility with existing coatings should be confirmed by preparing and painting a test area. Not recommended for ornamental fish ponds.

This is also available as a silver version (BS59), which also offers solar reflective insulation properties.


Application and use should always conform to the codes of practice described in BS 6150 and BS 5493.

High pressure steam clean to remove all loose, flaking paint and contamination back to a sound surface. Scrub the area with Bradite TD39 industrial strength detergent, wash and rinse to remove grease or oil. Remove all rust scale, loose mill scale or other corrosion products by scraping and mechanical cleaning to
SIS-St 3 (ISO 8501-1:1998). Intact areas of existing coatings should be roughened by abrasive manual or disc sanding, feathering back to a sound coating edge. Cracks and pits should be filled using a suitable metal filler before painting. Substrate should be dust free and completely dry before coating.

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