*Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line

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This product has been discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has been discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

A water based durable line marking paint for highways, playgrounds, private roads or even airport runways as well as for painting symbols such as disabled parking bays.

Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line Paint is a highly durable water based line marking paint suitable for many projects. As it is an acrylic line striping paint it is suitable for not only concrete but tarmac and asphalt combined with its added properties of fast drying and simple applications it is used worldwide on anything from car parks to airports.

Best Uses

Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line Marking Paint has properties not seen by cheaper alternatives such as the speed of drying and simplicity of application. This allows for a variety of uses including lane lines, edge lines, centre lines and symbols such as disabled bay marking. Not to mention its regular uses on roads, airports, ports, factories and car parks the Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line marking paint is extremely universal.


Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line can be applied using a brush, roller or through a line marking machine. Whatever the surface you are applying the line marking paint to it must be free of loose material, oil and grease before application. Also please note asphalt and concrete should be allowed to cure for 30 days before you apply the Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line.

Surface and Environment

Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line is designed to take perfectly on asphalt, concrete and tarmac in all weather conditions. ALthough we always advise to apply during good weather conditions this Spectrum EnviroLine Road Line Marking Paint is perfect to withstand all year round weather. If you need any guidance on this or any of our products feel free to call one of our technical team today

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