*Everbuild Forever White Hygienic Paint

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Product Description

Please note, we are currently out of stock of 5 Litres. Please contact our sales team for further details. Alternatively, please see Glixtone Fungi-Shield as a potential replacement.

Forever White Hygienic Paint for walls and ceilings has been formulated as a highly durable, moisture resistant paint with antibacterial protection.

Best Uses

Forever White Hygienic Paint is long lasting and is ideal for application to walls and ceilings in areas of high humidity such as showers, bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens. Forever White is fast drying allowing the application of two coats in one day, drying to an exceptionally hard wearing and impact resistant finish.

Forever White Hygienic Paint is ideal for use in areas of high humidity (withstands extreme temperatures from -5°C to +60°C). Forever White Hygienic Paint offer a long lasting durable finish that resists cracking and flaking in areas of high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where steam and water vapour are present.

Forever White can be applied to most substrates such as concrete, bricks, blockwork, renders, cement based and gypsum substrates, metallic surfaces, timber, plastic. Following the correct preparation Forever White Hygienic Paint can be applied to ceramic tiles and previously painted surfaces.

Forever White Hygienic Paint contains an organic, active in-film antimicrobial additive which is proven to inhibit bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli (according to ISO 22196:2011) plus with SteriTouch® the leading anti-bacterial additive integrated into the manufacturing process.

Forever White Paint Coating is guaranteed to stop mould, mildew and bacterial growth. SteriTouch®, in conjunction with Everbuild gives the benefit of the highest quality antimicrobial products, manufactured in the UK and rigorously tested in accredited microbiological laboratories to show no mould growth after 10 years simulated ageing and actively prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity.