*Everbuild Salt-Away

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product is now discontinued. Please see Centrecoat R11 Salt Neutraliser as a potential alternative.

Everbuild Salt-Away is a non-hydrochloric acid based biodegradable treatment for removing salt and unsightly white efflorescence from bricks, stone and concrete providing an easy to use surface treatment for walls, paths and patios.

Best Uses

Everbuild Salt-Away by Sika offers an excellent way of removing efflorescence commonly caused when soluble salts within building materials are left on the surface after the water containing these salts evaporates.  The unsightly white deposits can cause corrosive damage to many building surfaces if left untreated.

Salt-Away is quick and easy to apply and can be used on walls, driveways, paths, floors, patios, etc.


Everbuild Salt-Away is quick and easy to use.  Simply spray or pour Salt-Away onto the affected area, leave for 5-10 minutes depending on the level of efflorescence, then wash down with clean fresh water.  For badly affected areas a repeat application may be necessary. 

To help prevent efflorescence reappearing, walls can be treated with Everbuild 402 or 408 Superseal; paths and patios with Resiblock Superior or Path and Patio Seal.

Take care not to overspray onto surrounding areas, particulary lawns, planted beds and metal surfaces.

Surface and Environment

Everbuild Salt-Away is a non-hydrochloric acid based treatment, bio-degradeable safe formula suitable for use on most common mineral surfaces.  Use Salt-Away for removing white efflorescent deposits from bricks, stone, concrete, render, pathways, patios, driveways, walls and floors.  Quick and easy to use.

Always test on a small inconspicuous area before full use.