FLAG Floxstone Greenhouse Glass Shade Paint

SKU id3563 Non Hazardous
Helps prevent overheating in green houses during summer months. Washes away harmlessly for winter.
Available as Minimum Order Quantity 150 Litres (30x 5 Litre Containers)

Product Description

FLAG Floxstone Greenhouse Glass Shade Paint is a protective glass shade paint designed for use on greenhouses to protect the internal area from heat over the summer months. Minimum Order Quantity 150 Litres.

Best Uses

FLAG Glass Shade for Greenhouses should be applied to the outside of greenhouses to provide a protective white matt shade which can be harmlessly washed away during winter so that the inside of the greenhouse has a more consistent temperature on a yearly basis.


FLAG Floxstone Greenhouse Glass Shade Paint can be applied using brush or roller with a theoretical coverage rate of 5-10m2 per litre and is available in 5 litre tubs for an overall coverage rate of 25-50m2. After 2-4 hours the surface will be touch dry and a second coat can be applied if necessary.

Surface and Environment

FLAG Floxstone Greenhouse Glass Shade Paint should be used externally on greenhouses to provide a shaded coating to the glass and can also be used on conservatory roofs over the summer months.