About Floor and Patio Cleaners

Promain offer a wide range of Floor Cleaners and Oil Degreasers for concrete floors and patios, designed to remove moss, algae, grease and dirt before painting with floor paint or sealer. Within this range you will find advanced products from big brand names, such as Rustoleum, Centrecoat, Coo-Var, Blackfriar, and Flag. Each product has it's own characteristics and own reasons why you should choose it. If you are struggling to choose an appropriate floor cleaner or degreaser, make sure you contact us so we can point you in the right direction.

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Rustoleum ND14 Cleaner and Degreaser

Rustoleum ND14 Cleaner and Degreaser

Removes grease, dirt and other contaminants from coated, mineral and steel substrates, prior to decoration, can also be us...

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Preparing your surface properly prior to painting is extremely important. Paint won't adhere to the surface properly if the floor is still contaminated, or if there is dirt, dust, grime or debris present. Your floor needs to be 100% clean if your floor paint is going to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. The products found in this range will help you clean your floor efficiently, so that when you do come to paint it, you will achieve the best finish possible.

Floor cleaners and floor degreasers from Promain come in different sizes and powers. If you require a more powerful floor cleaning solutions then Promain would always recommend Rustoleum ND14 Cleaner and Degreaser, which is capable of removing tough stains and grease from concrete and powerfloated floors.

Centrecoat Multi Surface Cleaner is a more cost effective solution, designed to help you prepare and clean your floors. Centrecoat GS36 is capable of killing mould and moss externally, allowing you to bring your patio back to life and keep it looking healthy.

Multi Surface Cleaner, on the other hand, can be used internally to clean your garage floor for example. this product is capable of removing paint spills, light graffiti, and mild grease.

Whatever your needs, Promain cater for them. We provide you with a wide range of floor cleaners and oil degreasers which will help you prepare your patios and other floors in and around the home.

Contact Promain today if you need help choosing an appropriate floor cleaner or degreaser. Our technical support team can help you choose the perfect product.