Graco Line Lazer 3400 MK5

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The ideal line marking machine for the efficient and accurate application of road marking paints.
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Product Description

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Graco Line Lazer Line Marking Machine produces high quality road lines on tarmac, concrete roads and parking spaces and school playgrounds.

Graco Line Lazer 3400 MK5 is among one of the best products on the market today for parking space and seal contractors who are constantly looking for high performing, line marking machines. Graco Line Lazer 3400 is a professional product that has been popular in the line marking industry for decades and provides contractors an easy way of marking lines manually without the need for a large vehicle.

Best Uses

Graco Line Lazer 3400 are easy to maintain and use and provide high quality line marking from the day you first use them. This ultra performing product is best used among experienced striper and for those who are new to the industry and are starting up their own business. If you are seeking the best of the best, then look no further than the Graco Line Lazer 3400, which provides a simple, cost effective way of striping parking lots and schools and is ideal for use by government agencies, parking space contractors and various different manufacturers and striping departments.


Graco Line Lazer 3400 is so simple to use, you literally just insert the suction nozzle into your paint bucket and then kick start the machine. Then away you go, marking lines and stripes in an easy way that doesn't prove to be strenuous. Graco Line Lazer 3400 offers users easy application with quick results to set you on your way, whether it be domestically or residentially.

Surface and Environment

Graco Line Lazer 3400 is designed for use on a variety of different surfaces and offers users a large 5 gallon bucket suitable for use with a selection of line marking paints. Although you can only mark one line at a time, the Graco Line Lazer 3400 offers a versatile striping machine that produces immaculate quality finishes suitable for use on sports fields and concrete surfaces for example.

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