Owatrol H4 Wood

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Protects new timber as it ages and becomes a natural grey colour without causing damage to the timber.
Available in 1, 2.5 and 10 Litres
£20.33 (£24.40 Inc VAT)
£20.33 (£24.40 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Owatrol H4 Wood protects new timber as it ages and becomes a natural grey colour.

Owatrol H4 Wood has been formulated to protect your exterior timber surfaces as it ages and becomes a natural grey colour without causing damage to the timber. H4 Wood contains a blend of ingredients that dramatically reduce water absorption into the timber. This hydrophobic treatment will help increase the life of the timber by stabilising the internal structure of the wood, preventing it from splitting and cracking. Owatrol H4 Wood will protect softwood and hardwood, vertical and horizontal timber surfaces.

Owatrol H4 Wood is an easy to apply wood protector and is highly compatible to other wood products available. It also prevents the growth of moss and dirt. H4 Wood is a completely colourless product and will not affect the colour or change the appearance of the timber.

Best Uses

Owatrol H4 Wood is suitable for use on exotic hardwoods and for untreated and pressure treated softwoods, on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Owatrol H4 Wood can be used on wood that has already greyed naturally, maintaining and protecting it from environmental attack from UV rays and damage from weathering. Use Owatrol H4 Wood as a protective base coat before applying a wood finish coat on cladding, garden furniture, sheds, garden rooms, gazebos, etc.


Easy to use, simply apply Owatrol H4 Wood generously by brush, roller or spray to clean exterior timber surfaces to protect wood from mould, pollution, dirt, UV rays and water ingress. Owatrol H4 Wood can be over coated with a wood finish, if required.

Surface and Environment

Owatrol H4 Wood is suitable for exterior timber surfaces, including treated and untreated softwoods, and exotic and broad leaf hardwoods. This effective wood protector shields surfaces from weathering and UV rays, allowing the wood to grey naturally.

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