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About Hempel Highways Approved Paint Coatings

Highways Agency Approved Coatings for Infrastructure Projects

Promain are the UK's leading independent distributors of Hempel Coatings - including Hempel products which have been approved by the Highways Agency. The Hempel range available from Promain, includes those that are for application to surfaces found within industrial and transport environments. Additionally, if a protective coating is required for use in the marine industry, Promain have the experience and reassuring reputation to ensure that you are specified with the correct product for the project at hand.  

Our Hempel product range includes coatings which have each been specifically manufactured for application to structural, galvanised and stainless steel surfaces, as well as surfaces which are submerged under water. The range of coatings found within this section are Highways Agency Approved – which is identified by an Item Number.


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  1. Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870
    Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870

    A self-priming epoxy with good impact and abrasion resistance. BBA Cert. no. 08/H135-PS1. Highways Approved Item No.123.

    From £328.43 £273.69
  2. Hempel Hempadur MIO 47950
    Hempel Hempadur MIO 47950

    An intermediate or finishing coat epoxy system for use in atmospheric exposures. BBA Cert No.08/H135-PS7. Highways Approved Item No.112

    From £65.74 £54.78
  3. Hempel Hempathane HS 55610
    Hempel Hempathane HS 55610

    A two-component, polyurethane topcoat, with good gloss and colour retention. BBA Cert No. 08/H135-PS13. Highways Approved Item No.169.

    From £65.21 £54.34
  4. Hempel Hempadur ZP 47940
    Hempel Hempadur ZP 47940

    A two-component polyamide adduct cured, high build epoxy paint. BBA Cert No. 08/H135-PS6. Highways Approved Item No.111

    From £65.64 £54.70
  5. Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880
    Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880

    A self-primed, surface tolerant coating with low temperature curing properties, low VOC and high film build.

    From £55.07 £45.89
  6. Hempel Hempathane 55810 HS
    Hempel Hempathane 55810 HS

    A two component topcoat for the protection of structural steel in severely corrosive atmospheric environments.

    From £75.67 £63.06
  7. Hempel Hempathane HS 55613
    Hempel Hempathane HS 55613

    A two-component semi-gloss acrylic polyurethane topcoat, cured with aliphatic isocyanate, with good gloss and colour retention.

    From £68.76 £57.30

11 Items

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Highways Agency Approved Coatings – Hempel

Hempel have a wide range of products to choose from and Promain have made it our priority to ensure they are readily available for our customers to purchase, whether by direct contact or online. For example, you may be looking for a flexible coating with good adhesion, such as Hempel Hempadur 1555E, or a high gloss enamel such as Hempethane Enamel 5510E, Promain can provide you with both these products – ensuring that you can purchase everything you need – a one stop shopping experience.

As a company, Promain offers years of experience, amassed from working within the industrial paint industry. Our passion for paint has ensured that we certainly know a thing or two about all our products – both those that are Highways Agency Approved Coatings or those manufactured by leading manufacturers, such as Hempel.

Promain offer the full range of Hempel Coatings and they are available for you to buy online today. We have added the Highways Agency Approved Item Numbers to each item, to help you find what you are looking.

If you need any further assistance in finding what you are looking for then please be sure to contact the Promain Technical Support Team. We can guide you through the Highways Agency Approved Coatings range and point you in the right direction, ensuring you to get the correct product for your requirements.