About PPG Sigma Highways Approved Paint Coatings

PPG Sigma Coatings

Promain offer a vast range of PPG Sigma Coatings approved by the Highways Agency for use on highway infrastructure such as bridges, bollards, street furniture and lamp posts, etc. Indeed, Promain are the UK's leading independent supplier of PPG Sigma Coatings.

Each PPG Sigma product found within the Highways Agency Approved Paint Coatings section of the Promain website has had its Highways Agency Approved Item Number added, which provides a straight forward method of ensuring the correct product is quickly identified.

So, if you are looking for products such as Highways Item number 168 (or PPG Sigmadur 550 - available in BS and RAL colours) a PU top coat or you require a glass reinforced epoxy polyamine coating, such as PPG SigmaShield 460 (Highways Item No. 123), simply purchase online, continue to browse below and choose the coating you require, or contact the Promain Technical Team for more assistance.

4 Items

PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer

PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer

A two component high solids aluminium pigmented polyamine cured modified epoxy primer. Highways Item 115.

£258.30 (£309.96 Inc VAT)
PPG PSX 700 Engineered Siloxane

PPG PSX 700 Engineered Siloxane

For steel from PPG Sigma, Ameron. Highways Approved Item No.185.

From £210.00 (£252.00 Inc VAT)
PPG SigmaShield 460

PPG SigmaShield 460

A two component high solids glassflake reinforced polyamine adduct epoxy coating Highways Approved Item No.123

£242.44 (£290.93 Inc VAT)
PPG Sigma EP 111 Primer

PPG Sigma EP 111 Primer

A two component high solids polyamide zinc phosphate epoxy primer. Highways Approved Item No.111.

£255.77 (£306.92 Inc VAT)

4 Items

Highways Agency Approved Coatings – PPG Sigma

Promain have been supplying Highways Agency Approved Coatings, including those manufactured by PPG Sigma, for many years now. This section of the Promain website includes high performance, protective, and decorative coatings which have each been approved by the Highways Agency, for use within industrial, construction and marine environments - where the need for a long-lasting and chemical resistant coating is essential.

Promain are able to offer the full range of PPG Sigma Coatings – ensuring you have the opportunity to find exactly what you are looking for.

Highways Approved Item Number

PPG Approved Product

109 PPG SigmaZinc 109 HS
110 PPG Sigma EP 110 Primer
111 PPG Sigma EP 111 Primer
112 PPG Sigma EP 112 MIOcoat
115 PPG SigmaCover 690
116 PPG SigmaCover 456 HS
123 PPG SigmaShield 460
155 PPG Sigma Etch
155 PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer
167 PPG SigmaDur 540
168 PPG SigmaDur 550
169 PPG SigmaDur 520
185 PPG PSX 700

Coatings found within this range are usually fast drying (minimising the amount of ‘downtime’), extremely durable and are resistant to weathering, chemical, and high levels of abrasion.

Promain understands the needs and requirements of our customers. If you need assistance, rest assured that the team at Promain are able to specify a suitable coating for you, based on the type of surface and environment which you are having to manage.

Promain are passionate about paint and have years of experience working within the industrial paint industry.  We have a vast amount of knowledge in the Highways Agency Approved category, so why not take advantage of this fact and allow Promain to fulfil your specification requirements?