About Patio Paint

Patio paints, sealers and protectors are key all year round as people look to give their patio a new lease of life or alternatively protect it for the winter months. 

Everyday we get at least 1 phone call from someone who has bought a cheap patio sealant or even worse, a poor grade wet look patio paint asking, "Can you help me? People keep slipping over on the patio!", or "Why does my patio look disgusting?". Promain supply a vast range of patio paints, sealers and protectors designed to leave your patio looking beautiful for a long time. With great anti-slip properties a fundamental part of all the paints and sealers we supply, there's no reason why anyone should slip over again when walking on your beautifully painted, or sealed, patio.


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Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment

Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment

Suitable for use on tiles and pavements inside and outside on all porous materials such as natural stone, concrete, terrac...

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Patios are not a cheap commodity to replace which means when it comes to patio sealers, patio treatments or patio paints we strongly advise against settling for a cheaper alternative. Here at Promain we have spent years finding the perfect patio paint and patio sealers to make sure you will always be satisfied with the end result.

Whether you go for our GuardWet Finish or the Centrecoat or Coo-Var patio paint, you can rest assured you will be getting the finest in the industry for quality, ease of application, and most importantly, value for money. We are sure that done right, and with our guidance, you will only have to do this once, so the £10 alternative you may see in your local hardware shop will quickly become a lost cause.

Promain can't stress how important it is to purchase high quality patio paint. The cheap jobbies that you find in your local shops simply won't cut it. We say this because your patio's are constantly exposed to adverse weather conditions and need the utmost care. Are you willing to pay that little bit extra for a patio paint that will stand the test of time? That's what we thought. So we have supplied you with the best of the best from the industry leaders Sika, Coo-Var and Centrecoat, not forgetting Resiblock and Guard Industries too. 

We are passionate about paint and we know good quality patio paint when we see it. Paint is our business and directing you to the correct paint for the job is key. Thats why we have the reputation we do when it comes to not only patio paint but industrial, domestic and anything in between. Plenty of patio companies recommend our products for sealing and treating the surfaces they lay for their customers.