Classidur Universal Primer

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Excellent as a nicotine sealer, sealing dried water stains, sooty, chalky or nicotine-coated surfaces prior to further decoration with conventional paints.
Available in 750ml in White
£10.29 (£12.35 Inc VAT)
£10.29 (£12.35 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Classidur Universal Primer is a water-based, stain-blocking product, developed specifically for internal or external use, offering outstanding adhesion to a variety of surfaces that are often difficult to apply finishing coats to.

This excellent stain-blocking product has been designed purposefully for the intention of providing adhesion and blocking awkward stains like soot and nicotine. Classidur Universal Primer is among the range of technically brilliant products that can be used on a whole host of different surfaces in any kind of environment, before the application of water-based or solvent-based finishes.

Best Uses

Classidur Universal Primer is a versatile paint product that can be used for providing excellent adhesion to wood, glass, non-ferrous metals and old but sound previously painted surfaces. With a choice of application methods you can apply this Universal Primer using a brush, roller or airless spray to dry, sound and degreased substrates.

Being odour free and water-based allows you to apply Universal Primer onto surfaces found in an interior environment, often confined spaces, without the need for ventilation. With fast drying characteristics, Universal Primer is dry after just 4 hours, with a smooth finish, ready for a coating of your choice of finishing paint.   

When used internally, Classidur Universal Primer can be used as a finishing coat, due to it’s excellent decorative finish, as well as an undercoat ready for wallpapering on vertical substrates. The most important thing, when purchasing a priming product, is the adhesion it provides, and the bonding power that Classidur Universal Primer possesses is unmatched across the paint industry.

Unlike other Primers, Classidur Universal Primer can be used with all current water-based and solvent-based finishing coats to offer outstanding adhesion, whereas other priming paints often need to meet various specifications of the coating being used for finishing.

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