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Paint for UPVC

Over time UPVC can fade and lose it's original colour. More often than not people would like to rectify this, and as cleaning simply isn't enough, a paint coating is often required. However, a lot of paints will simply not stick to plastics, and especially not UPVC. This is where the Bedec Multi Surface Paint is very useful. Check our UPVC Paint range below.

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Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat

Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat

A solvent based 2 pack PU applied without a primer to glass splash backs, plant, agricultural equipment, plastics etc.

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Preparing UPVC for Painting: How to paint UPVC?

Still, preparation is required on the plastic. You need to lightly abrade the surface with either a green Scotch Pad or a fine sandpaper, and once this is done, wipe it down with methylated spirits. Methylated spirits removes any residual oils or grease and evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind. Once this is done apply the Bedec MSP (two coats are advised).

Now, if you're painting something like a window frame or a paneled door, we often recommend the addition of a paint conditioner, namely the Owatrol Floetrol. What Floetrol does, it slows down the drying time of the MSP paint which otherwise tends to dry rather quickly. This can leave brush strokes which are undesirable. Floetrol helps alleviate that problem and gives you a much more professional finish, similar to that of paint which has been applied by spray.

Applying Paint to UPVC

Use of a good quality brush also helps. The Prodec X7 or X9 we find to be very useful. Once you've applied two coats, allow your coating to fully dry. Even though it will be touch dry after about four hours, the paint tends to be soft for the first two or three weeks but it will still be resilient to any weathering. After about three or four weeks the paint does become very tough, very hard wearing and difficult to damage. Don't forget, if you don't like the color, you can always paint it again.

Call Promain’s technical support team today if you have any questions or queries relating to Bedec MSP or any of the other UPVC Paints and Coatings found within this section. If you have any questions about upvc paint for windows or upvc paint for doors, please don't hesitate to get in touch.