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Promain are the largest UK distributors of industrial paints and coating based in Hitchin less than 30 miles north of London. Promain have been trained by many of the worlds most respected industrial and DIY paint manufactures and are able to provide painting specifications to architects, contractors and home owners.

Promain regularly supply a range of paints, coatings and repair materials to a host of well respected companies and contractors that have undergone manufacturers training thoughout the whole of the UK.

DJR Linemarking


DJR Linemarking is made up off a dedicated team with a mangment structure pro-activley reviewing new equipment, methods and procedures. Alongside a team of highly trained, skilled operatives who's dedication, teamwork, knowledge and manpower, strives to provide you with a high quality service and minimal disruption to your work operations.

We can provide a variety of services to accommodate all of our client’s needs. These range from, new road marking layouts, to restoring old and worn markings, installation of disabled bays, parent and toddler bays, cross hatching and no parking signs. We also provide anti-skid surfacing, steel preservation painting and mastic jointing.

All work is carried out by trained operators who hold the skills required to safley undertake the operations by both in house training alongside certification from the relevent trade associations. We aim to provide a high quality serivce for our clients with our extensive knowledge of Line Marking and Line Removal, alongside adopting a 'excellence is a habit not an act. It takes practiuse and perserverance' approach with Zero defects.

When it comes to industrial line marking DJR have it covered:

Airport Line Marking

DJR are regularly contracted for the repainting of old lines and introduction of new line marking for runways, taxiways, holding positions, helipads, car parks and pedestrian traffic routes,

Race Track Line Marking

DJR have experience in large scale, heavy use racetracks for painting of start and finishing grids, line marking lane edges, defining pit stops and highlighting emergency ramps.

Highway Line Marking

DJR Line Marking regularly repaint parking bays, school areas, non parking areas, motorway and duel carriageway line marking, junctions and intersections as well as bus stops and lane marking.

Commercial Warehousing

To keep areas defined for health and safety, DJR are regularly contracted for the application of line marking in factory and warehouse facilities such as loading and storage bays, pedestrian traffic lane marking, parking bay definitions and vehicle signage for directions.

Sports Grounds

For sporting and lesiure facilities, DJR can be contracted for line marking sports pitches, tennis courts, squash courts, track and field facilities, football pitches and more.

DJR Linemarking

Latest News

DJR Line Marking work closely with clients to develop solutions that meet requirements and timescales. DJR Line Marking have recently won line marking at DP World London Gateway Docks.

  • Project One - DP World London Gateway
  • Project Two - Pierson Court, Hitchin
  • Project Three -


Here are a few photos of our past work which features an array of the types of work we are able to carry out. If you have something similar that you'd like a quote for please get in touch.

DJR Linemarking DJR Linemarking DJR Linemarking
DJR Linemarking DJR Linemarking DJR Linemarking