Mapei Antipluviol W, 10 Kg

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A colourless, silane and siloxane-based water repellent impregnator in a watery emulsion.
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Product Description

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Mapei Antipluviol W is a colourless, silane and siloxane-based water repellent impregnator in a watery emulsion.

Antipluviol W is a milky, silane and siloxane-based dispersing agent in watery emulsion, characterised by its high capacity to penetrate all absorbent mineral materials used in the building industry to make them water repellent. When applied on a porous substrate, Antipluviol W penetrates deep down and reacts with the natural humidity present in the said substrate to form a hydrophobic, water-repellent layer inside the pores and capillaries. Thanks to this property, Antipluviol W forms an efficient barrier against aggressive agents present in the atmosphere, which are carried into the material by rainwater.

The water-repellent treatment formed by Antipluviol W also improves the self-cleaning effect of the façade and reduces the capacity of moss and mildew from adhering to the material. Antipluviol W does not form a film on the surface. Therefore, the material’s permeability to water vapour is not modified and the appearance of the surface remains practically unaltered. Antipluviol W has excellent resistance to alkalinity and UV rays and maintains its water-repellent properties over a long period of time.

Best Uses

Colourless protective coat for cementitious renders, cellular cement, facing bricks, natural and artificial stone against the eroding action of driving rain.
Ideal for the restoration treatment for damp rendered walls exposed to the eroding action of rainwater, as a colourless, water-repellent protective layer for historical buildings of architectural interest. Also suitable as a water-repellent treatment for walls, facing bricks and natural stone.


Before impregnating the surface, it is essential that all dirt, dust, grease, oil, paint, saline efflorescence, moss and weeds are eliminated to avoid hindering deep penetration of Antipluviol W. The choice of which cleaning system to use on old surfaces depends on the type of dirt to be removed, but hosing down with cold water is usually sufficient. Cleaning with hot water or steam is particularly suitable if oil or grease are present on the material to be treated. If the surface is not dirty, brush the surface with a stiff brush and remove remaining material with compressed air. Antipluviol W must only be applied on dry surfaces. If water is present, it is unable to
penetrate deep down into the material.

Antipluviol W is ready-to-use and must not be diluted with water. Shake well before use.

In order to apply Antipluviol W evenly, we recommend using a back-pack spray gun for large surfaces, or a roller or brush. Apply a number of coats until the surface
is completely saturated; apply each successive coat while the previous one is still wet. On substrates with poor absorbency, be careful not to form layers of the product during application. Go over the surface with a sponge float if necessary while the product is still wet.

The efficiency and lifetime of the hydro-repellent effect depends on the penetration depth of the impregnator. This parameter is directly proportional to the absorbency capacity of the material to be treated and the amount of impregnator applied. After applying Antipluviol W, water-based products may not be used to paint over the

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