Sika Sikagard® 700S Aquastop, 20 Litres

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A one part clear siloxane water repellent for walls and absorbent cementitious substrates.
Available in 20 Litres
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Product Description

Sikagard® 700 S Aquastop is a one part water resistant impregnation coating designed for absorbent cementitious substrates. Aquastop penetrates deep into the open pores of the substrate, offering durable water repellency, as well as allowing water vapour diffusion in both directions.

Best Uses

Sikagard®-700 S complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic Impregnation (penetration depth class I). As a product designed to offer excellent water resistance, Aquastop 700 S from Sikagard® is top of the range in an industry which requires highly protective coatings and efficient products. Best used on cementitious surfaces, the Aquastop can be used effectively on building façades, car parks, bridges, civil/engineering structures or excellently as a primer underneath Sikagard® 680S.

  • Suitable for protection against ingress (Principle 1, method 1.1 of EN 1504-9)
  • Suitable for moisture control (Principle 2, method 2.1 of EN 1504-9)
  • Suitable for increasing the resistivity (Principle 8, method 8.1 of EN 1504-9)
  • Reduction of capillary water absorption
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Reduces dirt penetration into the pores
  • Improves thermal insulation
  • Can be overcoated with solvent based and dispersion coating
  • Higher durability and resistance than conventional silicone based treatments
  • Does usually not change the appearance of the substrate
  • Reduces chloride ion ingress and movement
  • Does not act as a vapour barrier


Sikagard® 700 S Aquastop can be applied using a brush, roller or low pressure spray and should only be applied in areas where there is good ventilation, due to the odour that it gives off. The surface should be clean, sound and free from laitance and losse friable particles. Dirt and contaminants, including grease, oil and waxes should especially be removed before you consider application. Call our technical support team for more details regarding this water repellent product.

Surface and Environment

Sikagard® 700S Aquastop is a one component solvent based siloxane hydrophobic impregnation which can be used as a surface applied water repellent on a number of cementitious substrates. Ideal for application to concrete masonry, stonework, render and dense block work. Aquastop should only be applied to areas which aren't expecting rainfall imminently. Contact our industrial paint experts for more information about this water repellent coating.

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