Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG Wintergrade

SKU id17001 Part A and B: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A corrosion, abrasion, chemical and water resistant coating, suitable for interior and exterior use.
Available in 5 and 20 Litres
£57.43 (£68.92 Inc VAT)
*These colours are for guidance only. Variations between output devices can misrepresent the appearance of an actual colour. Also, we strongly advise that you order your complete paint requirements simultaneously to ensure a uniform batch colour.
£57.43 (£68.92 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG is a premium repair, problem solving, maintenance primer is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces for application at temperatures below 0°C.

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This product is part of the Network Rail/Railtrack RT98 Systems M20 and M24

Best Uses

Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG is a two component surface tolerant coating. It has a high solids formula and is polyamide cured, epoxy mastic system. Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG can applied is part of a complete system which has been developed to inhibit the spread of flame in internal and external environments.

Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG is for use on varying substrate temperatures and is ideal for application in areas which are exposed to adverse atmospheric conditions. Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG is a premium repair, problem solving and maintenance primer for most environments, offering a variety of benefits including corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.


Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG can be applied using a brush or roller.

Surface and Environment

Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG is designed for use on internal and exterior surfaces. It is available in a variety of colours. Jotun Jotamastic 90 WG can be applied to properly prepared, carbon, galvanised, stainless and blasted steel surfaces. It is also suitable for aluminium, concrete and a range of aged coated surfaces. With excellent freshwater and salt water resistance, this product is ideal for application to structural steel found in marine and offshore environments.

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