KEIM Facade Sprayer (Fassadenspritzger)

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A quality, large area sprayer for application of Keim mineral paints to internal and external façades.
Available as a complete kit
£286.00 (£343.20 Inc VAT)

Product Description

KEIM Façade Sprayer (Fassadenspritzgerät) is a quality, large area sprayer for application of Keim mineral paints to internal and external façades.

Best Uses

This Keim Sprayer has been designed for professional application of Keim mineral paints to walls. With little manpower large façade areas can be easily coated using the Façade Paint Sprayer from KEIM. Independent from any power supply and with multi-purpose properties the investment costs will pay off quickly. Sprayer and nozzle are particularly solid and suitable for daily use.

KEIM Façade Sprayer is mainly suited for low-pressure spray application of the KEIM Purkristalat-Paint and for flooding with the fluid impregnation products KEIM Silangrund, KEIM Silan-100, KEIM Lotexan, KEIM Lotexan-N, KEIM Ecotec, KEIM Silex OH-100 and KEIM Silex-OH.


Base coat: To be performed with a paint brush (KEIM Façade Brush).
Top coat: With the KEIM Façade Sprayer.
Mixture: 30 kg (5 kg) KEIM Purkristalat-Colour-Powder soaked in 24 Litres (4 Litres) KEIM Fixativ.
Filling: Unscrew the pump insert, plug on the funnel with sieve and fill with max. 15 l well-stirred paint. Screw the insert back and pressurize the sprayer to approx. 5 bars (72.5 psi). Pay attention to the red marking!
Set nozzle: As standard the KEIM Sprayer is equipped with a so-called round-jet nozzle. By turning the adjusting screw at the end of the spray gun a funnel-shaped spray jet can be set which is for the paint application especially suited.
Spraying: Apply the paint evenly over the base coat by using the spray gun with circular movements. A distance of approx. 40 cm (16 in.) between nozzle and substrate should be observed.
Cleaning: Simply with water. Rinse the tank with clear water immediately after use and empty completely. Grease the pump insert with grease or oil after use.

CE-marking: EPS EN 13163-T2-L2. Pressure tank and hose must be totally free from water before filling with solvent-containing impregnation material. Therefore, rinse and flush the sprayer with white spirit first.

Spare Parts Available From Promain:

  • No.1: Complete nozzle head
  • No.2: Quick-acting valve completely assembled
  • No.3: Manometer up to max. 5 at
  • No.4: Safety valve
  • No.5: Pump rods with handle and buffer completely assembled
  • No.6: Pump tube with check valve
  • No.7: Set of small parts: 1 Valve screw, 1 Valve spring, 1 Valve cone with plug, 5 O-rings, 1 Worm drive clamp, 3 Nozzle plates, 2 Filters, 3 Seals for nozzle head
  • No.8: 3 m high pressure spray hose incl. screw connection
  • No.9: 10 m high pressure spray hose incl. screw connection
  • No.10: Funnel with sieve

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