KEIM I W Primer (Isolierweiss)

SKU id16300 Part A: Non Hazardous, Part B: UN2984 (Class: 5.1, Pk Grp: III)
A white pigmented two part primer with excellent water vapour permeability. Ideal for use as an interior breathable stain blocker.
Available in 2.5 Litres
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Product Description

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KEIM I W Primer (Isolierweiss) is a white pigmented two component aqueous based primer with excellent water vapour permeability, ideal for use as a breathable stain blocker with interior mineral paint systems.

Best Uses

Keim I.W. Primer is used as an interior stain blocker under Keim mineral paint systems. Keim I W Primer has high water vapour permeability, good sealing effect, is
solvent free and has good adherence.


All loose, flaking and unstable material must be identified and then thoroughly removed. All surfaces must be thoroughly washed down with clean cold water to remove all surface dirt and dust. When all surfaces are clean, sound, wind dry, dust free and free from all surface contaminants, application of Keim I.W. Primer may proceed. Keim I.W. Primer may be applied after the application of the base coat onto areas showing staining. One coat should usually be sufficient.

Component A should be thoroughly mixed with Component B in a ratio of 4:1. Keim I.W. Primer may be applied undiluted by brush or roller. After a waiting period of at least 12 hours Keim I.W. Primer can be coated with Keim Mineral Paint systems Once mixed Keim I.W. Primer should be used within 1 day.

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