Sherwin Williams Epidek M153 - Formerly Leighs

SKU id4166 Part A: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III), Additive: UN3469, (Class: 3, Pk Grp: II)
A hard wearing, anti slip extra heavy duty deck coating system. Reaches NORSOK M-501 and BS.476 Part 7: Surface spread of flames
Available in 12.6 Litres
£215.25 (£258.30 Inc VAT)
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£215.25 (£258.30 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Sherwin Williams Epidek M153 is a hard wearing, tar free, anti slip, pure epoxy based extra heavy duty deck coating system to provide exceptional wear and impact resistance to deck surfaces including those in extreme conditions

Best Uses

Epidek M153 provides excellent resistance to crude oil and salt water immersion, and when combined with calcined bauxite aggregate dressing this product can offer exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact damage. As a product with a long expected lifespan, Epidek M153 demonstrates good resistance to the localised effects of heat when welding repairs or modifications occur during construction and maintenance. Epidek M153 can be used to level out undulations and fill cracks in steel decks and plates, and is also suitable for areas when a high level of anti slip rating are required under conditions of severe crude oil and hydrocarbon contamination. Suitable for walkways, escape routes and lay down areas.


Material should be applied direct to blast cleaned steel prepared to a minimum standard of Sa2 1/2 BS EN ISO 8501-1:2007. Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and free from all surface contamination. Mix contents of epoxy resin and curing agent together thoroughly. Add the fine silica grit (component A using a power stirrer. Apply product using a trowel to a wet film thickness of 3mm. Within 10-20 mins dress the Epidek M153 aggregate onto the screed until it is fully saturated and no screed is visible.

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