Centrecoat Line Marking Machine

Non Hazardous
For interior and exterior hard surface line marking including sports courts, playgrounds and factory floors.
Available In 3 Sizes With 2, 3 & 4 Inch Widths
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Product Description

Centrecoat Line Marking Machine provides a uniform straight edged line for the demarcation of areas such as sports courts and car parking bays.

Centrecoat Line Marking Machine iis designed for hard surfaces such as Tennis courts, MUGA Courts and Car parks. This Line Marking Machine can be bought in a choice of three line width application: 2, 3 and 4 inch lines. It provides a cost effective means of completing traffic paint projects to a high quality standard.

The Centrecoat Line Marking Machine is for use with chlorinated rubber or acrylic line paint and produces a uniform straight edged line; ideal for external line marking for areas such as external courts or for traffic markings within leisure centres.

Best Uses

This machine is best used for ensuring straight line demarcation when using water based or acrylic based paint. This is particularly needed when marking out areas such as car park bays and sports courts in leisure centres.


When applying traffic paint, the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine operates by dribble bar function that applies the road line paint to the first foam roller that in turn coats the two foam rollers used for creating the road line. The chosen paint is poured into the machine and initially deposited onto a top sponge roller and passes onto two sponge rollers underneath. These rollers are in contact with the surface to be marked, completing the procedure. It is a very quick and easy method, saving labour and ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Surface and Environment

Centrecoat Line Marking Machine is for use on hard surfaces and is designed to help users produce high quality, accurate traffic paint line markings. It can be used for external and indoor areas such as sports courts, car parks, loading bays and demarcating safety zones and areas.

Technical Details

Below is a list of technical information and properties of Centrecoat Line Marking Machine.


  • Heavy Duty Line Marking Machine
  • For hard surfaces such as Tennis Courts, MUGA's, playgrounds, sports halls and car parks
  • Also for larger areas such as warehouses and factories
  • Available in 3 different line sizes
  • Suitable for use with water based or acrylic line paint
  • Marks within 50mm of obstructions
  • Operates by dribble bar operation
  • Tank capacity: 12.5 Litres
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