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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has now been discontinued. Please see Sika Sikagard 700 S Aquastop, Mapei Antipluvoil W or Centrecoat All Surface Protector as potential alternatives.

Sika Liquid Plastics K501 stops wind and rain from penetrating into brick, masonry walls natural and artificial stone, lasts at least 10 years before further application is required.

Sika Liquid Plastics K501 is a water based silane siloxane compound offering outstanding waterproofing properties. K501 is a water based solvent-free waterproofer based on a combination silane-siloxane technology. The blend is designed to give excellent water repellency and waterproofing properties particularly, to masonry substrates. It is a high durability system which will provide protection for at least 10 years.

When applied, K501 penetrates deep into the substrate and once dried is virtually undetectable, therefore preserving the original appearance and character. It remains stable and is not prone to slow outward diffusion, therefore, it is longer lasting and gives a greater degree of waterproof protection. K501 can be applied by brush or spray and is ideal for use on brickwork, cement, natural stone and other porous substrates. It also prevents the effects of water damage.

By having wet walls you run the risk of increasing the coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) of the masonry-finishing coat system, leading to a loss in the insulating capacity of the system by up to 25-30%

Best Uses

Liquid Plastics K501 is part of the Sika Liquid Plastics range and is best used on concrete, cement/lime sand finishes, brick, rough cast or pebble dash, weathered cement based boards, natural and artificial stone. Once applied, K501 need not be re-applied for at least 10 years, before further maintenance is necessary. It is tested over a 3000 hour exposure to Q.U.V. in accordance with ASTM G53-88.


Sika Wall Exterior waterproofer Liquid Plastics K501 can be applied using a brush or spray, achieving a clear finish in 30 minutes. After 1 hour the surface will be able to repel water and after 24 hours, the surface will be completely waterproof. Once dried, it will leave a transparent finish which preserves the original appearance and natural character of the substrate.

Surface and Environment

Sika Liquid Plastics K501 is an excellent way of waterproofing a number of substrates and surface types. It is suitable for use in all environments, due to the quality of its weatherproofing abilities. Liquid Plastics K501 can be used indoors and outside, but is most effective when being used on areas exposed to moist and wet conditions. The surfaces that Liquid Plastics K501 are designed for include: concrete, cement/lime sand finishes, brick, rough cast, pebble dash, weathered cement based boards, natural and artificial stone.

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