*Manor Industrial Thinner, 5 Litres

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Product Description

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Manor Industrial Thinners is a thinners to be used with Manor Hi-Build Vinyl Cladding Coating, enabling ease of application

Best Uses

Manor Industrial thinners is best used as a thinner with Manor Hi-Build Vinyl Cladding Coating. It assists the ease of application to galvanised metal and steel cladding, railing and fencing.


When handling chemicals always ensure the correct safety precautions are taken and that you always handle with care. Please telephone Promain for more details on using this thinner.

Surface and Environment

Manor Coatings Industrial Thinner is suitable for use with paint when being applied to galvanised metal, Plastisol sheeting or steel. Manor Industrial thinners is also suitable for cleaning brushes and spray equipment when using xylene based paint products.