*Manor QD Phosphate HB420

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Product Description

This product is now out of stock. Please see PPG Sigmafast 20 as a potential alternative or contact our technical team.

Manor QD Phosphate HB420 is an economical solvent based, general purpose, quick drying, high build phosphate, shop primer designed for general sheet metal fabrication and structural steel work.

Manor QD Phosphate HB420 provides a low cost way of priming internal metal substrates with a matt finish, prior to the application of decorative topcoats.

Best Uses

Manor QD Phosphate HB420 is regularly used particularly as a holding primer for internal structural steelwork and applied at 75 microns DFT, typically this would subsequently be protected with exterior cladding, or building works. This high quality paint is often used under intumescent coatings, subject to first checking that the intumescent suppliers data approves the use of 'use under their coating'.


Manor QD Phosphate HB420 can be applied using brush, roller or airless spray to provide an attractive low sheen finish available in grey and is dry to handle after just 2 hours, ready for a recoat after 12 hours offering a theoretical coverage rate of 5.6m2 per litre.

Surface and Environment

Manor QD Phosphate HB420 has been designed to provide a cost effective way of providing a protective undercoat to structural steelwork in interior and exterior environments.

Technical Details
  • Cost effective primer, high build, little tendency to sag or dry spray
  • Dries with an attractive low sheen finish
  • Resists oily finger marking
  • 42% volume solids
  • Apply by Paint Brush, Paint Roller or Spray
  • Available in Grey.
  • Overcoating Min 12 Hours Max Unlimited
  • Touch Dry 35 Mins D.F.T.75 microns
  • Contains active anti corrosive pigments
  • Dry To Handle 2 Hours
  • Theoretical Spread Rate 5.6m2 per litre at 180 microns wft. 
  • Available in 5 litres.