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Why Use Barn Paint

Barn paint, developed by Bedec, is a water based flexible paint for timber such as wooden fencing, shiplap cladding, featheredge cladding, doors, windows, gates, tanks, drainpipes, and many other areas around agricultural sites, farms, factories, homes and gardens. Barn Paint can be easily applied to previously painted surfaces, including varnish, creosote, weathered bitumen or tar. Produced from an acrylic resin system, Barn Paint is not only water based, but is also low VOC and fast drying. It can be easily be applied by brush, roller or spray and it provides a tough durable microporous protective coating with excellent colour retention.

Another benefit to Barn Paint is that is flexible, meaning it will stretch as the timber expands and contracts. This reduces flaking and blistering and provides a long lasting protection. Barn paint product can be applied directly onto previous painted surfaces with minimal preparation. Not only will Bedec Barn Paint improve the appearance of buildings such as sheds, garages, barns, silos, stables, windmills, factory units, corrugated metal and all types of timber or metal cladding, it also provides excellent protection.

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Bedec produce a range of interior paints in a wide range of colours and finishes, plus products such as interior flex to hide persistent cracks, Bedec Acrylic Floor Paint which is ideal for light industrial floors and new concrete, radiator paint, aqua advanced for impact resistance on doors, window sills and skirting boards, and paint for use on acoustic ceiling tiles. We are keen to help with any guidance on the most suitable paint for the job.


Protecting your property from the British weather has always been on the agenda and any proud property owner. Protecting buildings and assets within from water ingress and deterioration can be achieved by using suitable masonry paint and roof paints which have the ability to expand over cracks, yet allows moisture to escape. Super-flex is a popular product offering a flexible waterproof coating over roof tiles, Extra-flex offers similar protection over masonry and previously painted walls in a range of traditional colours, the tough and durable Bedec barn paint is an economical solution to rival most high performance cladding paints.

Specialist and Decorative

For those special projects where attention to detail and complimentary decorating is required, special finishes and additives like crackle glaze give an instant distressed look on cupboard doors, scumble glaze offers effective marbling and stippling and the pearl over varnish offers a fine lustre, popular in beauty parlours and areas where that extra special finish is desired.

Bedec products

Bedec have developed a varying range of water based, micro-porous and flexible paints for interior and exterior use in order to provide a high standard of protection.

Multi Surface Paint often requires no primer, saving time and money, environmentally friendly, superior to emulsion, and available in gloss, satin or matt in a wide range of colours, plus we have the ability to tint to a colour of choice.

Bedec Barn paint is tough and durable with excellent colour retention, used on wood, galvanised, plastic, resistance against cracking, blistering and flaking and prevents rot and algal build-up.

Acrylic floor paint protects and enhances the substrate, reduces dusting, eases the removal of dirt, dust oil and grease, and is suitable for new concrete.

Extra-flex gives a long lasting smooth finish, up to 400% flexible, fine crack bridging and micro-porous which prevents water ingress and the build-up of damp.

Interior-flex offers a smooth matt finish, quick drying, fine crack bridging and low odour, ideal for walls and ceilings where signs of joints and cracks are undesirable.

Super-flex is a thick and durable roof coating, offering a seamless, waterproof solution over a wide range of roofing substrates, prolonging its life and reducing maintenance costs.

Having spent many years in the industry one of our most popular requests is for Multi Surface Paint MSP which is capable of being used on a variety of surfaces. As people look to give their properties a facelift yet purse strings are still quite tight multi surface paint can give your project a big boost in the economical department as the properties of this type of paint allow it to be used on a variety of surfaces.

Bedec Multi-Surface Paint MSP is a new generation of WATER based paint. No need for undercoat or primer. Ideal on metal cladding, concrete, brick, asbestos, steel including galvanised, timber, asphalt, bitumen, lead, ceramic tiles and most plastics.