About Bradite

For over 75 years, Bradite has been a leading manufacturer of high quality paints, offering a range of solutions for a variety of industries and environments.

Bradite specialise in high-performance, problem-solving paints, formulated to meet the needs of commercial and industrial painting contractors. Bradite’s protective coatings are made with thorough care and preparation using only the best quality raw materials, combined with years of experience and proven technology.

Within the specialist range of Bradite coatings, you will find:

Most Bradite finishes can be produced in BS and RAL colours, with hundreds of colours available upon request.

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If you are looking for Bradite paint, you have found the right company. Promain is one of the leading distributors of Bradite coatings, offering a wide range of products for different industries.

Take the time to contact our technical support team if you require help choosing a suitable product to meet your requirements. For read our full Bradite paint review listings, view each individual product.