About Centrecoat Anti-Slip

With increasing concerns regarding health and safety anti slip tapes have become increasing popular. Centrecoat provide a range of tapes in differing degrees of anti slip and widths. Clear anti-slip tapes are popular for use on ceramic tiled floors in areas such as showers or production areas that suffer from chemical and water spillage. Conformable Safety Grip tape has an aluminium backing designed to follow the contours or uneven surfaces such as checker plate used on industrial stairs and walkways.

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A popular addition to the range are anti-slip feet designed to help children or adults on wooden, concrete or tiled floors from slipping or falling, these footprints are ideally suited for schools, hospitals and other public spaces and building indoors or outside. Luminescent floor signs glow in the dark helping to direct staff to fire routes and exits if lighting fails. GRP Fibreglass anti-slip stair nosing’s are attached to the leading edge of steps to reduce the possibility of people slipping as well as highlighting the step edge. Suitable to be applied to concrete, wood or metal steps they are available in a range of colours such as yellow, black, striped, natural or luminescent. Step edges and step covers are designed to not only cover the step edge but the complete tread area of the step are available cut to your size and requirements. Disabled ramps and slopes can benefit from anti slip sheeting designed to cover the complete surface of the ramp providing a slip resistant surface in the wet, snow and ice. Produced from a hard wearing silicon carbide grit they will last for many years providing a cost effective long lasting solution and help meet the Disability Discrimination Act requirements.

If you have any questions regarding any of the Centrecoat anti slip GRP products, please feel free to give us a call and we will help you as much as we possibly can.