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The Centrecoat range of product extends into preparation of the substrate before painting commences. Be it water based paint strippers that are low VOC, non-ozone depleting as well as non corrosive as well as fast acting. These features make it ideal for applications such as removing not only paint but varnish, Artex, lacquer but 2 pack epoxy and polyurethane coatings also. Certain Centrecoat products are approved for Section 12 Work underground on London Underground.

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When painting, it is vital that any organic growth such as moss or mould is removed before you start to paint. The spores from moss are microscopic - undetectable by the human eye. Once covered by paint, they tend to grow and push through the paint causing it to split and ultimately fail. That is why we always advise applying a fungicidal wash to the substrate be it timber concrete, masonry or especially tarmac such as driveways or tennis courts.

The Centrecoat GS36 and GS37 are ideal for this, one being a ready to use product the other a concentrate which after dilution will make around 100 litres. The latter is ideal for larger jobs such as roofs and driveways as well as tennis courts. For areas that are dirty, the Centrecoat Eco Cleaner and Degreaser has been formulated, an effective, powerful water-borne cleaner designed to remove the toughest stains and grease from paving and other hard surfaces including metal and masonry.

Once a surface is clean Centrecoat have a range of coating available and an extremely popular paint is the High Visibility Paint. This is an easy to apply solvent free luminous paint available in bright yellow, with special fluorescent pigments added. This water based coating is ideally suited to line marking in not only playgrounds but in industrial applications such as internal and external walkways and for marking hazards.

Following an increase in public health demands in parks, common areas, as well as paths, Centrecoat were asked to produce an identification paint for application to dog mess. This spay applied paint is used to identify the mess left by dogs in a hope to shame the dog owners.